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They forgot they recieved it, now what? [Wednesday @ 9:46pm (12/30/09)]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Ok, here’s my story

I have a Bonanzle booth and it's been about a year, ive probably sold 4 items, but i don't really promote it much. Well in the begging of December I had some my wisdom teeth removed and stayed at my boyfriends house afterwards so someone could keep an eye on me, (thank goodness for that btw) Well, during this time an item sold from my booth (the 4th) and I didn't know this till I got home (he doesn't have internet) on the 12th (Sat) saw the item sold and left a message to the buyer apologizing for the wait and told them that it was to be mailed that Monday (the 14th) and I would gladly upgrade to Priority Well, I did and never heard any thing back, so I thought... ok everyone happy

Boy was I wrong!Collapse )

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[Friday @ 4:39am (05/15/09)]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Lets see what has been going on lately, Me and J have been together for over a year. I'm 26 now and cry just thinking about how old I am getting. I am a mod now, how scary is that. and still unemployed, I had ajob for a week but my boss got drunk and fired me cause I wouldnt lay in their taning bed. I got a bad fungs infection from a clean bed (if i tan now I get these white patches, oh well its a bad habbit anyway), I sure as heck wasn't laying in theres which they never cleaned.. *Shudders*

Ever seen a Dotee doll scowling_hermit You'd like these since you are creative and like making things (you can't sell them though)They are popular on Swapbot.com There is a ton of them on Fliker, I'll try to add a link... I'm going to try to make some. And will list pics when I do.
This is a page with some instruction links: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/34074

Peaches got her first haircut, Charlie needs some new pics but his baby coat is falling out, so he has all the cuteness of an mangy lion.

Photobucket he's still cute 2 me!
On with more pictures!....Collapse )


[Friday @ 4:30am (05/15/09)]
[ mood | okay ]

Ok, Is is me or does it seem that Buyers are acting like dorks and becasue they can leave negatives and I cant. I have had three of these in the past month But I'll deal with the last one, cause well, I thought I handled it pretty well.

Once upon a time there was this seller, who seems to have a looney Magnet....Collapse )


Perfect answer for Internet Scammers [Friday @ 9:46am (03/06/09)]
[ mood | giggly ]

If like me, you have ever sold anything on the internet, You have been anoyed by Scammers, I have lots of free time, So I usualll send them anothers scam back about 100 times and let that be it. Well how about these ides?


http://www.zug.com/pranks/powerbook/ - Truly my fave-


[Tuesday @ 12:33pm (02/17/09)]
Hello everyone!

ok, Unemployment finaly got fixed, after going up there 4 times! it took me that long to get them to understand that I could not have only earned 1,700 in 6 Months at a hundred dolars a week. They found the missing money. The retardes put it under a different s.s.n. *sigh* J had his wisdom teeth cut out last Fri, but i was suprised to have a visit from him Sat night. I took some pics of his V-day card an bag of soft brownies i made him. (the weekend before so he would have time to eat them)


Charlie loves, peanut brittle and spicy cheese its....Collapse )
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Good bye! [Friday @ 9:59pm (01/16/09)]
[ mood | sad ]

Wel, this will probably be it for a while, we moved furniature today. the house is empty as a tomb. I;m leaving the computer for last since after its moved that will be it. In case anyone wonders why I gave the pup the nickname Charlie, here it is....

I will sneak off to j's and update from time to time, and I pray that Unemployment gets their act together. if so then i can get some tv and internet.

Charlie, Charlie, Wake up Charlie, yeah! Wake up Charlie, we're going to candy mountian, it will be an adventure...Collapse )


Updates, youtube, and a new friend for Me [Wednesday @ 8:49pm (01/14/09)]
[ mood | working ]

The male Shih tzu puppy, now dubbed Charley has been great for my spirt, he gives me something to look forward to during this stressfull time, The house is getting pretty close to ready to move in. Of corse me and Charley are Caughing from all the dust in there, lol.

The moving time has went from Sunday to This Friday, so I'm really stressing. Still no sign of me having Internet or Tv :( or heat of anykind, or water. I have lights, kinda the last owner took most of the light fixtures with them... Unemployment called my ex boss, and she yelled at them for giving me the run around.

Ever seen Xanadu? It has a neat cartoon part in it by Don Bluth, (Yes that is Olivia newton Jon..) Go to this time 1:26 to skipp the blabber, its the best quality I could find. and the song is addictive...

Don´t walk away- ELO

While we are speaking of 80's anybody here a Labyrinth fan...Collapse )

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You tube movies... [Tuesday @ 7:57pm (01/13/09)]
[ mood | cranky ]

list of movies:
Katy Caterpillar songs (Someday I will fly 3 parts)
Banjo The Woodpile Cat
Fluppy Dogs
The Small One
The frog prince 1986 version
Trading Spouses- The God Warrior pt. 1 (the best episode EVER!)

Katy - Someday I Can Fly, part 1

I'm not listing all the parts...Collapse )


[Monday @ 6:49pm (01/12/09)]
[ mood | hopeful ]

My brother in law, actualy ex brother in law (my sister and him got a divorce this fall) Has movied in a tralior next to his house for me to stay in. It is definitaly a fixer upper, but its better than nothing. Had to go back to unemployment cause my ernings didn't show up correctilay and after explaining that if a quarter of a year was 3 months and I had been working for 9 months than I should have earned more than a quarter of money, which was not enough for unemployment. I plan to be job hunting but right now I have to get this tralior able to live in. I am trying to get internet through my B-L's cell phone, and Satalight from his company, but I need to be able to pay him, no antenna tv out there and since i's changing ti Feb it woun't get any better.

Thank you Scowling_hermit for your kind words, I promise to send you a thank you card as soon as I get settled.

Avenue Q- It sucks to be me!


You tube part 50? Doggy style... [Saturday @ 7:56pm (01/10/09)]
[ mood | not stressing ]

Balto- Apologize

Get your mind outta the gutter...Collapse )


My life is FAIL! [Thursday @ 10:46am (01/08/09)]
[ mood | crappy ]

Well, I have some Bad news,

I just got fired and Evicted in one day, Wahoo... Well, technicaly Laid off not fired. But I don't know what to do, I really dont. I will probably live with my sister so i will not have intenet for a while, or I will move in with J, I don't know they are both at work and I can't talk to them. an I got a sick Shih tzu, Clementines bro

Lion king-stop crying your heart out

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You Tube Little Mermaid style [Sunday @ 6:25pm (01/04/09)]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Why Can't I? - The Little Mermaid

As always I didn't make these...Collapse )


[Tuesday @ 7:12pm (12/30/08)]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Hope everyones holidays went well.

Mine went ok, but not that great. I sold mean boy yesterday, So I was able to pay for Tawney cessarean, And my tags, and to take Clementine to the vet. She has been really mopey lately, the others run and play and she just lays there. He said she was fine, but i know something is wrong. well, untill I get some symptoms there is nothing I can really do.

The famous onion and sweat smelling hoddie is back, lol people at work looked at me like i was crazy when i shoved it at them and commanded "Sniff" I got many cleans, some fresh, 2 gains, and a nothing. no sweat or onion out of the 10 people who smelled it.

Maybe in my response to her feedback i should suggest she take a shower...

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Merry Christmas... [Thursday @ 8:54pm (12/25/08)]
[ mood | Merry ]

Christmas Animash ~ (I didn't make it)


The Laughing Shih Tzu's say HAVE A Great Holiday tomorow! [Wednesday @ 9:47pm (12/24/08)]
[ mood | creative ]

Merry Christmas or Season Greetings, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah,a Cool Yule! Took some pics of the crew plus the puppies puppies (the four that are left)


BTW, Do you realze how hard it is to get them to sit still?

“Last Christmas you gave me your heart...Collapse )

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Just what I don't need for Christmas.... [Wednesday @ 8:24am (12/24/08)]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Hello everyone,

I have encountered a problem, I sold an item and the person paid ok and yesterday I got the following message:

"HI. I JUST GOT MY ITEM AND UNFORTUNEATLY I WILL BE RETURNING IT TO YOU.I will ship back to you tommorow morning- so please give me the address. I will not be using merchandise credit, so please issue me refund via paypal..thank you and please reply."

“I really don't need this drama, But I do need help!....Collapse )

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Disney Youtube [Saturday @ 9:00pm (12/20/08)]
Please Remember - Cinderella and Prince Charming

Eris and Hades - Bring Me To Life

“a mish mash of disney that I didn't make...Collapse )

Wanna see something cool? [Friday @ 10:23am (12/12/08)]
[ mood | satisfied ]

When I was in school I drew a lot, But I finaly quit when Everyone kept tellin me that it wasn't real since I just copied what I saw in a picture, I still draw dogs now and then, but here are some scan's I found of my drawings, Let me know what you think :)

I Worked today! yay, and will hopefully will work all week, have one big dog to do tomorrow. so i will pretty much be off. Thinking of changeing Ichigo's name to Clementine, but not sure.

“Sounds scary huh....Collapse )


I worked today! [Thursday @ 10:43pm (12/11/08)]
Yay! I was able to work today... and thats it for the week, Sigh! Well, I've added some pictures to cherrie's page, I will have to talk J into letting me borrow his phone to take some more of her.

http://beasts-unicorns.livejournal.com/7651.html have some pics of her mom there also

A little joke for everyone.... [Thursday @ 6:06pm (12/11/08)]
[ mood | hyper ]


It's a romantic full moon, when Pedro said, "Hey, mamacita, let's do Weeweechu."

Oh no, not now, let's look at the moon!" said Rosita.

Oh, c'mon baby, let's you and I do Weeweechu. I love you and it's the perfect time," Pedro begged.

"But I wanna just hold your hand and watch the moon." replied Rosita.

Please, corazoncito, just once, do Weeweechu with me."

Rosita looked at Pedro and said....Collapse )


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