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The Laughing Shih Tzus

Dog Duty

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in a nut shell, 25 year old Blond, tall, happily dateing girl. An horrid speller, who is an Quizz whore, but loves tags. I Love dogs and thats a good thing cause I am A dog Bather for a local pet hotel, I adore Disney movies and um... Well Friend me I'f ya want to, I am usualy a big sweetie :)

My first color bar!! side note: These things are a pain in the buttocks

Name: Cherri or Asahi

Age: 25

Location: USA

Sex: No thank you not till I’m married,

Ever been to jail? Not yet, LOL

Fav color: Blue and Yellow

Post pictures of yourself? Unless Im holding a dog, nope!

Post pictures at all? Lot’s of dogs and puppies, LOL

Some Fav Live action Movie’s: Independence day, Dirty Dancing, Victor Victoria, Sound of Music, Mulon Rouge, The Labyrinth, Fried green tomatoes, Steel magnolia, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Pretty woman, Erin Brokavich. Old Yeller. Phantom of the Opera, A little princess, Mean girls, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Too wong foo! Too many to count!

Some Fave, Animation movies, Disney, ‘especially Lady and the Tramp and Beauty and the Beast and Little mermaid. Spirited away, and Princess Monoke. Also Watership down. My little pony count?

Some fave TV shows, Judge show’s, Law and order and spin offs, Ghost whisper, Big Brother! Treasure hunters. Cold Case, Plastic surgery shows, Documentaries, MTV’s MADE, Are you being served some DR Phill, (his oldest son is drop dead gorgeous!)

What do you do? I help take care of my little sisters and Brothers and my parents business, I’ve finally been given an OK by the DR and am going job hunting (I was in a car accident and hurt my back.

How often do you post? I write whenever I feel like it on my personal computer, spell check it and whenever I think about it I update my L.J. so at least once a week.

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